About Us

About Us

At Beba-ks we give you the facts so you can make the right choices for you and your family. You won’t read opinion or rumor here, only the latest in evidence-based information taken from leading sources around the world and in Kosovo. Beba-ks is the only website of its kind, offering advice in three languages, and tailored to your experience in Kosovo. Our mission is to help you have the best pregnancy, childbirth and new parenting experience possible, and in the process we hope this helps to save lives.

Why do we need this?

Kosovo continues to have among the highest maternal and infant death rates in the Balkans and Europe. Babies die in Kosovo at least double the rate of neighboring countries. A big reason is that mothers don’t get the right information and support when it comes to their pregnancy, childbirth and taking care of baby.

Action for Mothers and Children respond

Action for Mothers and Children (AMC), a local Kosovo NGO, has been at the forefront of efforts to improve maternal and child health in Kosovo since 2009. AMC established Women’s Health Resource Centers, also known as Mom's Class, to provide essential information to pregnant women and new parents in Kosovo for free. We aim to improve the health outcomes of women and their children by empowering patients and providers towards quality improvement and shared decision-making; two concepts proven to have reduced maternal and child mortality around the world.

The Centers have support at all levels of Kosovo’s health sector. The initiative has the strong support of the Ministry of Health, the Municipalities and municipal health offices, and the World Health Organization. An advisory committee of leading gynecologists, obstetricians and pediatricians review the classes delivered at the Centers and the materials on the Beba-ks website. A cadre of volunteer midwifes, nurses and doctors set aside time every week to work at the Centers; read more about these heroes here.

Services of the Centers

There are currently six Centers across Kosovo located mostly at the community level in Family Medicine Centers:

  • Prishtina (UCCK): Gynecology/Obstetrics Clinic within UCCK Hospital
  • Ferizaj: Family Medicine Center 2, str. Remzi Hoxha
  • Mitrovica: Main Family Medicine Center “Dr. Nexhat Çuni”
  • Sterpca: Family Medicine Center in Drajkovc
  • Kacanik: Main Family Medicine Center

Group and individual counseling is offered in a bright, colorful, comfortable and private room. There are classes on nutrition, pregnancy phases, preparing for labor and delivery, physical exercises, newborn care, breastfeeding and postpartum care. We take a fun and interactive approach, making sure you get to ask all the questions and talk about what you want. You will receive take-home material and if you want, a follow-up contact with the doctor or midwife. You can watch a video about the Centers here. See a schedule of the classes here.Image


Further information

For further information on this website or the Centers, please contact Action for Mothers and Children.  You can also visit Klasat për Nëna on Facebook. Read more about Action for Mothers and Children on their website and Facebook page.


Our Impact so far: Over 2,500 women have been reached by the Centers. Clinical staff at UCCK Hospital in Pristina estimate 80% of these women are better prepared in the labor room, resulting in fewer complications and a better birthing experience.